Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bangalore Shiv Ram Sena

In the news was that Shiv Ram Sena announced that if they see a girl and a boy moving together in the streets they will either get them married or make the girl tie the boy raksha bandhan

Just imagine that you were in the streets of bangalore with a gal whom you love, the gal being aware of that but doesn't like you. And suddenly you were sorrounded by Shiv Ram Sena forcing you to marry ( waah ....ladke ki kismat khul gayi)

You ask the gal: This is the last time I can ask; Will you marry me?
The gal: (bursts into tears) Oh please! I don't like you, I won't be able to love you. Please don't force me! (weeping)
You say: If thats the way she will tie me raksha bandan
The gal agrees: She brings her hand forward to do it. ( I am not blaming the gal, just cos some duffer loves her doesn't mean she should get married to him)
But the boy who is shattered as his gal doesn't have any feelings towards him, as he moves his hand forward, he says to himself that to love her girl is his only wish and he can't give it away by letting her tying raksha bandhan; so he asks the Shiv Sena activists to cut his hands so that he can neither ask that gals hand nor be her brother. These people were looking for violence and they retreat at the boys they are getting ready to cut his hands, the gal interrupts them and says that she is ready to marry the boy. The boy with a mixed feeling of joy and relief.......says 'I Love you' to the girl and............................(you tell me the story; answer is but obvious)

If ever this happens to be the case with you, I suggest you two options:
  1. If you are a Man, slap the activists with all your might so that it echoes in the entire city and ask them to do something useful. Its not valentines day that has spoiled the youth of India; Its a section of youth who cannot control their lust have brought disrespect to V day
  2. Or simply take a chance and runaway from the girl; if the girl is alone they shouldn't do anything to her. (this is a more feasible option as imaginary as the story is in itself)